01 May 2013

Yarn Love

I learned crochet in primary school. We were taught the chain crochet. Then, Misaki, my cousin, who was then in gradeschool had the same projects. I learned the treble crochet and started making a few crafts like cellphone cases, belts, and hats. 
I also tried out knitting and was able to make a bag I never got to finish, a scarf which I gave Karla before she left for the U.S., and a bonnet which I posted in Hobbyist. I got the patterns from knitpicks and Red Heart

Now I am trying out new crochet designs! I asked Misaki to be my model. 

For the crochet pattern, visit By Number 19

and this super cute Peter Pan collar from Mel P Designs' vintage inspired crochet.

I love making something out of a ball of yarn! That is why I am making a category in this blog especially for my crochets!

More to come!!!!