20 August 2011

Dog Whisperer

You cannot create peace with frustration.

I am officially a Dog Whisperer fan. I love how Cesar Millan rehabilitates dogs and teaches the owners to be the pack leader. What I look forward to in each episode is whenever Cesar gives pieces of advice to the owners, making them realize they were contributing to the problem dogs. The episode last night was so inspiring I had to blog about it.

The above quote is just one of the many advice Cesar gave to his clients that I love. It's applicable not only in interacting with dogs but with humans as well, especially with kids. I've witnessed parents getting so frustrated when their children don't obey. They discipline them out of frustration, when what they need is just to be calm and assertive. You can never put down fire with fire. What you need is water, to cool it down.
"A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger." - Proverbs 15:1 
Most of our dogs are on a leash. Two pitbulls, a Japanese spitz, a mixed Japanese spitz and dachshund, and a mini pinscher. Dog Whisperer makes me want to just let them loose and practice the "TSST!"