27 April 2014

By request...

My bestfriend Rachel tied the knot with Mark last 11.12.13. Yey! They've been together for 11 years, just like how long we've been friends. I have witnessed almost every sweet moment and fights they've had. I also have been a third wheel in some of our movie dates and food trips, although they never made me feel out of place when we're together. They are the type of couple you'd love to hang out with because they're just plain fun!

For their special day, Rachel requested that I make boutonnieres for the groomsmen. She wanted the details of their wedding to be special and with sentimental touches from friends and family. I had no idea how to make boutonnieres. I'm not even sure if I got the spelling of the word correctly. She gave me samples of the design she likes, but I must admit seeing those made me want to back out thinking I might not be able make her any. I already planned of making her a crocheted bouquet of roses for her wedding shower, but I was not able to finish it.

I got the pattern from cre8tioncrochet. Those were meant for the bridal bouquet, but  I realized it was hard. Haha! I am just a newbie in crocheting. Then, I thought I could use these to make the buotonnieres! And here's the outcome:

They weren't perfect, but I am grateful (and relieved) that the bride liked it. It even looked so good in that photo. Thanks to the photographer taking pictures of the details of the wedding. I am so happy my bestfriend liked it!