22 August 2011

Amici & Caramia Experience

Tried out Amici and Caramia Gelateria in Alabang Town Center with Che and Karla. While I love pasta, Che loves pizza and Karla loves ice cream. It's what this restaurant serves best, as their logo indicates.

And since it's our first time, we agreed to choose from the best sellers in the menu.
Insalata con Ricotta Fritti
 Fried ricotta topped over mixed greens, served with balsamic dressing. I was never a fan of salads of greens until Ate Lea's dressing, so when they chose this I was like, I would just try the dressing with tomatoes and cabbage and the "chicken." Little did I know that it's fried cheese. Well.
Linguine Fantastico
Linguine tossed in a tangy, mouth-watering blend of proscuitto, stewed tomatoes, black olives and garlic. This has to be one of our favorites. Loved the stewed tomatoes.

Toni di Maiale
 Roast pork slices with tuna mayo dressing and fried capers. Another favorite. The pork was roasted perfectly! Yum!
Tutta Carne
All-time Amici favorite. Italian sausage, ham and pepperoni.

Now, it wasn't difficult choosing our appetizers and pizzas and pasta. Those were unanimous choices. Until.... DESSERTS. We had to try Caramia Gelato's best sellers, and it was a battle of fruits and nuts. Since Karla loved ice creams she insisted on trying Black Forest. But it was not available. Then we had to choose a cake. Che wanted to try the Pistachio cake, I wanted the Nocciola Gateau. Here's what happened:
Pistachio Gelati e Sorbetto
 Karla's choice was not available, and I won the cake challenge. And since we love Che, and her love for pistachio, we chose this. It is also one of Caramia's best sellers and we loved it!
Nocciola Gateau
Hazelnut cream cheese and rich dark chocolate in layers of crunchy meringue. A Cara Mia favorite. We loved the texture of this cake, and it melted in our mouths. 
We were all nuts with the desserts!

We would definitely try the other Cara Mia gelatos and cakes. You may visit their facebook page where I got the roast pork and pizza pictures.