15 March 2012

Magnum Madness!!!

This past weeks I've been seeing pictures and comments about Magnum... what's all the fuss about? It's just another chocolate-coated ice cream bar! Well, I guess I have to try for myself to know... Here goes...
There are three flavors:
Classic, Almond and Chocolate Truffles
I got just these two. I guess Chocolate truffles was sold out.
60 Php each.
Trying out Almond... I loved it! I also loved the Classic flavor. The chocolate coat was just divine.
I would definitely get my hands on the Chocolate truffle flavored Magnum!
Try it! YUM!

11 March 2012

BanApple Kitchen

Visited Che at work for a Date at Ayala Triangle, Bannaple Kitchen.
Tried out the Best Sellers
Banofee Pie
and Creamy Chicken Pie
We'll definitely be back to try out their cheesecakes!

Happy Cream Puff

"Stressed spelled backwards is desserts! Coincidence? I think not!"

Tried the best sellers: (cw from top) 
Dark and White Cream Puff
Original Cookie Cream Puff
Caramel Cream Puff
Chocolate Cookie Cream Puff

with my favorite Food Buddy... Che

08 March 2012

Hearty Paws

A touching movie about a dog stolen by a boy to give to her sister as a birthday present. A story about love and loyalty. The part I loved the most is the Hearty's perseverance to find Chan, and his loyalty and care for him even when he was rejected and blamed for the death of Soi. Hearty has been more than a dog, protecting Chan and Soi. A must-watch for every dog-lover. 


Tried out Serenitea's Hokkaido and Okinawa milk tea.