06 July 2012


I love trying out new things and I like solitary hobbies. Here are some of the things I do in my wee time (which I have a lot of recently):
I knit. This is one of those I finished making. I learned how to knit through watching youtube videos and following free patterns from Red Heart. That's where I got the pattern I used to make a scarf I gave Karla, my bestfriend, before she left for the USA. It wasn't perfect, but I'm glad she liked it. Failed to take a picture of her wearing it though.
I crochet, too, but I haven't perfected the art. The booklet of crochet pattern I bought is in Japanese, so I'm finding it hard to finish one pattern. Why a book I won't be able to read? Well, it has cute patterns, cheap, and my cousins and auntie can translate if the pictures aren't enough. The only problem is they're not around. haha!

I also learned how to bake! Mama bought me an electric oven and electric mixer, and here are the products of it. Not my own recipe though. 
Blueberry muffin.
(not real blueberries)

 Hazelnut brownie
(topped with condensed milk, for extra sweetness)

This is the cake I made for Marielle. Topped with vanilla frosting and gummy strawberry candy. Well, I still don't know how to make a cake, and this actually is:
... this chocolate chunk brownie mix. I added egg in the mixture to somehow make it cake-like. I was close, but not really. Hehe!

I made cupcakes, too!

And this oatmeal chocolate chip cookie, which Che, my bestfriend, liked.
I will be taking some baking lessons soon, and hopefully create my own recipe I can share.

I also know how to play the guitar.
I took piano lessons during primary school, but only for a while. I never really got the hang of it even after Mama bought me a piano/organ.
I became interested in learning to play the guitar when I was in highschool.
My youngest brother knows how to play it well and has bought a lot of "Song Hits" magazines. In the centerpage of each magazine are chord patterns. I started trying out the chords of songs I liked, followed the strum as I heard it was played, and I learned a few notes! I liked playing the guitar better than the piano. It has made my fingertips calloused and sore, but I never stopped playing. I'm not a pro though. I only know how to strum, and still find it so hard to pluck strings.
I also don't have my own guitar and would love one! Maybe then I'll try and learn more.