01 January 2012

Year-End Recount!

Before the year ends, it's good to look back and see the many things that made my 2011. There are a lot of things to be grateful for: accomplishments, new experiences, new friends, breakthroughs!

Get together at Cabalen with college batchmates.

It's Taylor John's Christening. 
Speaker: Pastor John del Rosario. I'll be posting my notes on this talk soon. (^__^)
We also met Tyler, Karla's fiance'. We ate at Pamana, Tagaytay

 Birthday month. But I wasn't able to celebrate because it's the same time Japan was hit by a magnitude 9 earthquake and tsunami. It's a good thing Mama, Misaki, Miyuka and Tito Katchang live far from the coasts. They weren't affected by the tsunami, but the results of it. Fukushima's radiation leaks is still an issue. We watched the terrifying news all day, waiting for a call and assurance that they're safe. It's one memorable birthday. 

The last time I did something for the first time... I don't like the beach and its salty water and hot sun, but I loved surfing. It was fun, and I had sore muscles the next days after. Now I understand why it's a workout for beachbodies. I was with Che, Karla, Mark, LuAnne, Joel, Doc Arni and Jester. Thanks to Mahdox Surf Shop instructors' patience with us, Haha! Especially Jerome, my 16 year old instructor. =)

Kuya Mark's 27th birthday @ Presidio
I also met one of Juele family's relative, Esther Juele.

- Roilo, my highschool bestfriend, went to Oman to work as a nurse.
- Emjei went to New Zealand to study and work
- I started Victory Group

Karla had her tonsillectomy, I attended the leaders convergence in VCF, I made Fruity float with Nicole, and Typhoon Juaning hit Luzon. A lot of other happenings, but I don't have pictures to show it. =)

We tried Amici and Caramia. Loved it!

Singles' Retreat at Flushing Meadows, Bohol
We've seen the beach, the Chocolate Hills, Tarsier, and tried the Plunge.
and enjoyed Cebu! We also tried the Zubuchon and Skywalk.

Not much picture these 2 months. I started applying for jobs, enrolled in UP-Open University for Professional Teaching Certification and attended the orientation, and took the IELTS.

It's a great year overall, ending it with My DECEMBER.

I am so blessed. Just when I thought nothing much happened 2011, I was wrong. Discouragements and setbacks can really change one's perspective. Now I'm looking forward to 2012. A lot of things are already set. I will soon be working in CCK as a Medical Transcriptionist after the training. I also have to pray about my plans to study and work in Australia. Karla will leave to America and marry Tyler, Che has an application in Middle East and might be leaving soon as well. Changes. Elevation. Moving forward prayerfully and with heart set for God's glory.