07 September 2012

I just turned 24!

This has to be one of my most memorable birthday! It got me stuck at that age! And for those wondering when this was, it was not this year! Haha! This birthday was memorable because it's also the most expensive birthday ever! I'm grateful for the blessings, my friends, and this special day.
It started with a Pizza Hut treat... 
and it's not complete without the Pizza Hut crew singing you a Happy Birthday song, with a cupcake.
Che also gave me a Dora balloon. Haha!

Then, Che and Mark treated me to a tour around Tagaytay.
First, we went to Sonja's Garden where we bought some bread from the Panaderia and took lots of pictures.

... then we went for some coffee in Bag of Beans.
... the place was so cozy, and I love their blueberry cheesecake.
Usually the coffee shop is the last destination. In our case, it's more like the appetizer part. After enjoying the  coffee, we went to the famous Hawaiian Bar-B-Que.

We only tried their best seller, Hawaiian Baby Back rib, since we already planned to visit yet another restaurant after. We went to Pamana Restaurant. The place looked more like a typical Filipino house filled with family portraits from their downstairs reception, up to the stairs, and even in the dining area. Since we ate before we went there, we just ordered some soup. 


We went back to Pamana and tried out their three-way adobo with Tyler, Karla's then fiance' and now husband, and soon-to-be dad of Misha. 

I enjoyed my festive birthday!