02 August 2011


"It's just an empty cup."

That has to be my favorite line on the movie. Here are some of the lessons in the story:
      You can't work your way to anywhere alone.
      The proud will be humbled and the humble made proud.
      There's no greater reward in this world than knowing you took part in making life better for someone.
      It's not so much about winning...

Lightning McQueen has his eyes set on his goal. To be the first rookie to win the Piston Cup. He had to be humbled. He took all the credits for winning and failed to acknowledge the help of his team. Fame and glory was all that mattered to him.

And so, the detour. On his way to get the prize, he is about to discover what he's been missing. He found what he never expected to find; what he is really longing for.

His change of heart was evident when he chose not to win the Piston Cup and helped "The King" instead. It's not about himself anymore. The cup wasn't the ultimate prize for him.

Friendship. Love. Humility. Learning to appreciate the people who has always been there to help you win.

I appreciate the detours and delays in the fulfillment of my dreams, and unanswered prayers. Sometimes it's just what we need. God allows it for us to check our hearts and reveal its contents. Is it purposeful or just for a boost of ego?

The King has to be my favorite car.