05 November 2011

Tree Top Adventure

This was my second Tree Drop experience, and it was all excitement and less fear. I was excited because I was with my family the second time, and am looking forward to sharing the experience.

My first try on the different rides was with my bestfriends. The original plan was to go to the annual Hot Air Balloon Festival in Clark, Pampanga, and maybe try Tree Top Adventure if we have extra time. So we left Laguna as early as 5am to get there in time, but there were so many who came earlier that we did not get to buy tickets and see the hot air balloons up close. Many of those who weren't able to get inside looked for their own perfect spot to take pictures instead, so we did too.

 It was a good thing that we did not get there early. As soon as we got good shots, with the balloons up in the sky, we decided to leave so we won't get caught up with the traffic once it's all over. We then went around Subic Bay, took pictures, then to Tree Top Adventure. It was our Valentine's gift for our then 9-year friendship.
We tried these rides: Tree Drop (free fall from a 60ft high tree), Superman Ride (Che and I rode together), and the ride where the three of us together (I forgot what the ride is called).
I enjoyed the whole experience! I was never afraid of heights and love trying out new things and discovering more about myself. That was (then) the most death-defying stunt I have tried.

I went back New Year's eve of 2010 with my family. Subic was our second stop after Baguio. Almost everyone tried the Tree Drop, and the Superman Ride.

All, except Mama, Papa and Ate Monique rode the Canopy ride. I thought this ride was scarier than all the others, although all we had to do was sit and enjoy the view, and transfer seats at each stops. Maybe because  it was slow and we were hanging higher than the other rides. 

Jumpshot in Baguio. (^___^)