20 June 2011

The Beginning, really.

I am ready to take on a new challenge! It's been weeks since I started this blog. Reading other people's blog and hearing about some popular blogs, I felt I had to meet some sort of standard. Some blogs are about food and food reviews; some blog about their travels; and there are those blogging about the artists they idolize. So I started with my own exploits. Just a brief introduction about my wandering feet and a quest to find some sense of adventure.

The truth is, I struggled with that posted blog about my adventures. With so many places and so many pictures to choose from (knowing my entry would look more like facebook if I post every kodak moment), it just took a while to get posted. I made revisions, making sure it's acceptable and appealing, missing the point that a blog is a personal journal with reflections. It's subject to public eyes and criticism and opinions and comments. It's a risk you'll have to take (and that's me, being serious and cautious).

So what made me take the step to continue blogging, just when I got tired of it and felt quite lazy about it (with all the fuz of choosing the right words an considering the people who might stumble upon this page)? Minutes before the decision was made, I watched Julie and Julia. Yeah, it's about blogging. Watched it on HBO jusT minutes ago. I realized bloggers feel accountable to the possible readers, and are expectant of comments and "likes" from other people. Now, it's not just about fame and the pride you feel knowing you have followers, fans even. It's about sharing a bit of yourself, for the benefit of the readers; and being vulnerable.

I have always wanted to be able to write a book an have it published in the near future. And for those who have the same dream as mine, this is a good venue for practice!

I'll be blogging about my exploits, random thoughts, dreams and visions, and what I'm learning from the Best Teacher. No. Not experience, nor a parent or friend. God.

Express yourself! Don't be afraid! Take risks, and pictures, too! Take chances!
We only have one life to live. Don't keep it to yourself! Share it!